Wayback Burgers

Wayback Burgers is America’s favorite hometown burger joint, and it’s quickly becoming an international favorite too.

The love for the burger is strong. We’ve grown to over 150 (and rising!) operating restaurants across the US, and we’re tallying over 500 contracted restaurants globally. It’s growth that’s built on rising demand and by franchisees as diverse as you can imagine. It’s plain to see that the Wayback Burgers brand is one with enormous appeal and great earning potential. With new locations available worldwide – here’s the opportunity to set your course for success.


Why This Franchise

Look at the industry data, or simply look around. The better burger is here to stay. For starters, the American love for the burger is as strong as ever. Collectively, we order approximately 50 billion burgers a year, and that number is on the rise. Of the over $200 billion in sandwich sales of all kinds in a year, over 40% of that is spent on burgers. And internationally, the burger speaks a universal language: Wayback Burgers is now serving up our made-to-order specialty burgers all over the world – from South America to Sudan to Malaysia and everywhere in between!


Financial Requirements

Liquidity: $125,000

Franchise Fee: $35,000

Investment Range: $209,000 – $524,500

Royalty Description: Greater of the following: 5% of total weekly Gross Sales or $400 per week


Options Available



Franchisor Details

Year Established: 1991

Franchised Units: 134



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