Oksana Enrichment

Oksana® Enrichment Programs is a fun and exciting Franchise that provides private lessons and After School Enrichment programs to private clients, public, private, charter, home schools, school districts, counties and municipalities. They specialize in: Music Lessons (piano, guitar, singing, violin, drums and more); Foreign Languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese and more); and K-12 Academic Tutoring (all subjects). We also offer Chess, Animation, Art, Acting/Drama, Science, and Financial Literacy for children and Teens.

You can easily manage an Oksana Enrichment Franchise from your home, as it requires no dedicated brick and mortar office space, thus saving you a whole lot of logistical funding.


Why This Franchise

Oksana Franchising International, Inc. is a Franchise in the multi-billion-dollar private education sector. We do business as ‘Oksana Enrichment Programs’ as we indeed offer a wide variety of ‘Enrichment programs,’ including but not limited to: Music lessons (piano, guitar, singing, etc.,) Foreign Languages (Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.,) and K-12 Academic Tutoring (all subjects). We also offer other enrichment programs in terms of Financial Literacy for children and teens, Sports & Fitness, Wellness, Arts, etc.


Financial Requirements

Liquidity: $70,000

Investment Range: $55,400 – $66,300

Royalty: 5%


Options Available



Franchisor Details

Year Established: 2019

Franchised Units: 0

Address: 9350 Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills,
CA 90212 , Suite: 203


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