Welcome to Milkster, the world-class dessert that’s changing the world one cup at a time.

If you are passionate about these things then Milkster is for YOU! We believe dessert is a means to bring people together and makes them feel good, therefore it should be an extraordinarily special experience. People go out for dessert to enhance their day or celebrate, which is why Milkster strives to create an immersive experience where a fun show & delicacies are the main menu.


Why This Franchise

Milkster absolutely stands by the notion that it’s better to give than to receive. How can we stand by while a billion people don’t have access to a basic necessity like clean water? We decided to do something about it. Together we want to bring water to 100,000,000 people. Oh, and by the way, we want to do this by selling the world’s best dessert. Therefore every cup of Nicecream sold provides about a week’s worth of water where needed, we call this #cupforcup.


Financial Requirements

Liquidity: $12,500

Franchise Fee: $12,500; $22,500; $30,000

Investment Range: $25,650 – $192,000

Royalty Description: 6% Royalty for Hub and Experience Creameries; Royalty for Milkster Hero Creameries $7,500 annually payable in monthly payments of $625


Options Available

Discount: Veterans


Franchisor Details

Year Established: 2014

Franchised Units: 29



Contact Info