Kitchen Tune-Up

Kitchen Tune-Up specializes in 1-5 day kitchen updates. We offer solutions to every project and budget and utilize our customer service Trustpoints to make the experience fun, with little to no hassle for homeowners.

Kitchen Tune-Up appeals to entrepreneurs transitioning into business ownership from corporate backgrounds. The standout remodeling concept offers personalized service and incredible results. Everyone has a kitchen, and kitchens are the heart of the home. Our belief is that you don’t have to spend a fortune or be displaced from your home for weeks in order to improve your living space.


Why This Franchise

Franchisees in the Kitchen Tune-Up system take advantage of the knowledge experience shared between owners – the domino effect of the expertise is invaluable. Fostering entrepreneurship with minimal overhead, our franchisees primarily manage their small employee base and consistently oversee effective sales and marketing programs.


Financial Requirements

Liquidity: $56,830

Franchise Fee: $19,950

Investment Range: $119,930 – $173,850

Royalty Description: You must pay the greater of (a) 4.0% – 7.0% of your Gross Revenue for the immediately preceding month or (b) $750 per month for the first year and $1,500 per month thereafter. During the first three months, Royalty only paid on actual Gross Revenue with no minimum.


Options Available

Discount: Veterans


Franchisor Details

Year Established: 1975

Franchised Units: 237



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