Just Love Coffee Cafe

Just Love combines the specialty coffee culture, the feel of a local coffee shop, amazing food, and a commitment to local communities to offer a business opportunity like no other

Our Franchisees enjoy going into their store each day and loving on their community. Being able to impact the people around them and bring a smile to their neighbor’s face is what gets them up in the morning. Each day can be as different or as routine as a Franchisee would like. Generally, Franchisees will wear multiple hats with their primary focus being that of driving sales. Franchisees will operate, in most cases, as a GM and hire Managers for both the FOH and BOH, so that they do not have to be involved in the scheduling of staff or taking employee phone calls, for simple availability changes.


Why This Franchise

The goal of a Franchisee is to operate in a role where they can focus on “high dollar activities” as opposed to something they can hire someone else to do. For example: Unless needed, a Franchisee typically doesn’t “hide” in the kitchen washing dishes…they’ll hire someone for $12/hr. to do that. Meanwhile, they may visit a car dealership to drop off some coffee samples and see about offering a gift for their customers when they buy a new car, in that given month…or, walk into an office building and propose catering their next business meeting/event and drop of some “extra love” to the administrative assistant (the sky is truly the limit – WE SERVE COFFEE/SMILES).


Financial Requirements

Liquidity: $135,000

Minimum Net Worth: $250,001, to $500,000

Investment Range: $333,500 – $563,000

Royalty: 6%


Options Available

Discount: Veterans


Franchisor Details

Year Established: 2009

Franchised Units: 21



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