HealthyYOU Vending

The established leader in healthy vending business opportunities. Healthy YOU Vending provides entrepreneurs with the equipment, system, software, flexibility, training and support needed to successfully build a viable healthy vending business.

The perfect alternative to traditional franchises – franchise level support but without franchise fees or royalties. Healthy YOU Vending offers a passive income opportunity where 90% of the work is done remotely and without employees to hire, train and manage. A top choice of franchise seekers for more than 20 years. Traditional vending is transitioning to healthier vending and Healthy YOU is leading the way.


Why This Franchise

Our operators typically work one hour/machine each week so with the average package of 10 machines only 10 hours/week is spent. 90% of the work is done remotely including looking at real time reports from your machines. From these reports you will know what to take to a location to restock and know if there are slow selling products to replace. Products can be ordered online and delivered to your area. Most machines are restocked once/week but some may require stocking more often. You may hire an employee to do the actual restocking. They will also collect cash and coin but they know that you know exactly how much money is sitting in a machine. Cashless transactions exceed cash transactions in many locations. Many operators do this as a family business and structure their work time around the family’s schedule.


Financial Requirements

Liquidity: $50,000

Investment Range: $50,000 – $200,000


Options Available

Discount: Veterans


Franchisor Details

Year Established: 1999

Licensed Units: 6,500+ Operators



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