Grand 7th Convenience Stores

Grand 7th is revolutionizing the way people experience convenience stores. Franchisees have the freedom to sublease spaces in their store for several different services.

Owning your own Grand 7th is beneficial for everyone involved! Because our innovative concept revolves around utilizing the products and services of our local economy, every Grand 7th location offers a unique experience in convenience!


Why This Franchise

Franchisees generally will hire a manager for the store’s day to day operations. Managers’ duties include overseeing employees, inventory, and day-to-day operations. Their morning starts off by reviewing sales reports, dealing with any issues from previous shifts, and handling deliveries. They are in charge of making and receiving orders, as well as meeting with the owner/operator daily or weekly to ensure that growth and productivity goals are being met. Moreover, they track security footage, count money following every shift to provide accountability, as well as handle daily issues.


Financial Requirements

Liquidity: $200,000

Franchise Fee: $24,999

Investment Range: $58,199 – $213,599

Royalty Description: 1st through 5th Stores: 3.75% of Gross Sales; 6th through 9th Stores: 3.5% of Gross Sales; 10th and later Stores: 3% of Gross Sales


Options Available

Discount: Veterans


Franchisor Details

Year Established: 1995

Franchised Units: 0



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