Mosquito, tick, fly, flea, wasp, any, stinkbug and other pest control. Smarter solutions and financial rewards with inexpensive FlyFoe Franchise.

The FlyFoe brand was created to make an impact, stand strong against its competitors, and represent a smart, fun, get-the-job-done business.


Why This Franchise

Take a look at the other pest control franchisors and you will find a sea of sameness. They all have similar-sounding Mosquito XYZ names and have nearly identical operations and value propositions. We built FlyFoe to be different. You should expect more from your mosquito and tick control franchisor; we’re sure you’ll get more with FlyFoe!


Financial Requirements

Liquidity: $30,000

Minimum Net Worth: $100,000 or less

Franchise Fee: $$35,000

Investment Range: $90,690 – $122,990

Royalty: 9%-6%


Options Available

Discount: Veterans


Franchisor Details

Year Established: 2017

Franchised Units: 7



Contact Info