ConDecor Superstore

ConDecor Superstore sell products to contractors and DIY customers which color, seal, stamp patterns, and recoat concrete.

The ConDecor Superstore Franchise provides an opportunity to serve the fastest growing segment of the construction and remodel industry. Nothing gets built without concrete. And making this concrete look beautiful is what this franchise is all about. Those driveways at the Las Vegas hotels are a great example, they may look like cobblestones but they are really stamped concrete, and those colored concrete panels that are used in road construction are integrated colors. It’s more than concrete, with floor coatings for homes and businesses. The ConDecor Superstore is the source contractors go to, to buy the products to make that happen. The ConDecor franchises do not install, instead they sell the products that make decorative concrete. Think — paint stores sell the paint but do not paint the house. But unlike paint stores we have little competition and that includes stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Amazon.


Why This Franchise

The ConDecor Superstore Franchise is a simple business to operate located in a warehouse type location and serving a manageable customer base that you will soon know by their first names. We will you not only what these customers need, but how to use our products so that you can share our trade secrets with them. Unlike other franchise businesses that closed because of COVID-19, the ConDecor is “essential,” for us it’s business as usual. In fact our company store sales during 2020 to an all time high of $2 + million dollars with just four employees. Sales in 2021 were over $2.4 million.


Financial Requirements

Liquidity: $250,000

Investment Range: $240,100 – $314,700

Royalty: 6%


Options Available

Discount: Veterans


Franchisor Details

Year Established: 2006

Franchised Units: 0

Address: 231 E Nakoma St. San Antonio,
TX 78216 , Suite: 100


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